# Drupal 8 Fundamentals An introduction to Drupal as a Content Management System. Get familiar with Drupal's fundamental concepts. - [Lesson 1: Manage content, content types](lesson-1.html) - [Lesson 2: Images, taxonomy, blocks, users](lesson-2.html) - [Lesson 3: Configuration management, multilingual](lesson-3.html) - [Lesson 4: Views, custom administration pages](lesson-4.html) - Other: [Preparation](#/1), [Exercises](#/3) General information: [opendrupal.org](https://opendrupal.org/materials/drupal-fundamentals).
# Prepare as participant You need a computer to learn Drupal. That's all. Ask your trainer for a Drupal website to perform the exercises on. Theses are included in the slides. Next: [Prepare as trainer](#/2), [Exercises](#/3)
# Prepare as trainer - Set-up one Drupal site per participant. - Install Drupal using the latest stable version. - Use the `open_drupal_fundamentals` installation profile included in the /set-up directory. - More about this profile in: /set-up/readme.md Next: [Exercises](#/3)
# Exercises Exercises are include in the slides. For the exercises you can either use your own images, or use ours: - Download the [Repository as zip file](https://github.com/OpenDrupal/opendrupal-drupal-fundamentals/archive/master.zip) - Unpack and browse to the directory: lesson-1/exercises/images Back: [Lessons](#)
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