# Drupal 8 Architecture Combine Drupal core and contributed modules to build a Drupal website. Apply frequenlty used patterns to create the high level architecture of a Drupal website. - [Lesson 1: Content structure and layout](lesson-1.html) - [Lesson 2: Menus, images, search, editor friendly](lesson-2.html) - Other: [Preparation](#/1) General information: [opendrupal.org](https://opendrupal.org/materials/drupal-architecture).
# Prepare as participant You need a working Drupal installation to exercise the various architectural patterns during the course. - A (localhost) development environment. - A Drupal site of the latest stable Drupal release, using the Standard installation profile. These materials are designed to be used with a real live project. See the [OpenDrupal material description](https://opendrupal.org/materials/drupal-architecture) for more information. Next: [Prepare as trainer](#/2)
# Prepare as trainer These materials assume a project to focus on. Depending on the project, you may want to skip or modify the site buidling patterns that are included in these materials. - See the _Preparation as participant_ for project criteria. - Make yourself familiar with the project. - Make yourself familiar with the contents of the slides. If you find errors or have additions to the materials, we welcome your contribution in the form of a pull request. Back: [Lessons](#)
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